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          What are the circuit board detection methods?

          2021-07-17 348

            1. Needle bed test method

            In this way, the probe with tension spring is connected to each detection point on the circuit board. The tension spring makes each probe have 100? -? 200g? Pressure to ensure excellent contact at each detection point, such a probe arranged together is called "needle bed". Under the control of the detection software, it can program the detection points and detection signals, and the detector can learn the information of all the test points.

            2. Observation of circuit board

            The circuit board is small in size and disorderly in structure, so professional observation instruments should be used to query the circuit board. Generally, we use a portable video microscope to query the structure of the circuit board. Through the video microscope camera, we can clearly see the very intuitive microstructure of the circuit board from the microscope. In this way, we can easily design and test the circuit board.


            3. Double probe flying needle test method

            The flying pin tester does not rely on the pin drawing mounted on the fixture or bracket. According to this system, two or more probes are mounted on a small magnetic head which can move freely on the X-Y plane, and the test points are directly controlled by CADI? Gerber data. The two probes can move in the range of 4mil. The probes can move all of a sudden without really constraining how close they are to each other. The tester with two arms that can move back and forth is based on the measurement of capacitance. The circuit board is tightly pressed on the insulating layer of a metal plate as another metal plate of the capacitor. Assuming there is a short circuit between the lines, the capacitance will be greater than at a certain point.

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