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          What should we pay attention to when cleaning the circuit board?

          2021-07-17 278

            1. Do not clean up with a brush

            Most of the brushes are made up of animal hair. In the process of brushing, because of mutual conflict, it is inevitable to produce electrostatic induction. However, some small components on PCB board are simply disturbed, and even break through the components, which constitutes a more serious result; In addition, when cleaning up the brush, some hairs are ignored, which will cause unnecessary trouble for PCB transmission. Therefore, do not use a brush to clean up the dust.

            2. Avoid blowing balloons

            Most friends think that the use of balloon blowing is an ideal way, about some of the more boring PCB is still useful, and about the damp PCB is not working. Because the damp dust is often firmly adhered to the PCB board, it can not be blown off at all. In other words, even if it can be blown off, it may blow dust particles between the pins of components and get stuck there. For large-scale integrated circuits, the pins are denser, which is more serious. Therefore, we should avoid using balloons to deal with dust problems.


            3. Don't hit quietly with your hands

            As for the dust on the surface of PCB, many people choose to turn it over and hit it quietly with their hands. In fact, by doing so, the dust can be alleviated and the connection of PCB components can be loosened. Because PCB circuit board welding is extremely fine, a little attention, it will produce severe results.

            2、 "Three requirements" of PCB cleaning

            1. Try to avoid dusty places

            To deal with the dust problem of PCB, we should start from the source and reduce the use in the dust covered occasions. For example, squares, stairs, windows, etc.

            2. Select the professional cleaning part

            3. Always check the PCB

            The dust of PCB is formed by accumulating every inch. As usual, we should develop excellent habits of application and maintenance, so it is no longer so difficult to deal with the dust problem of PCB.

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