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          What's the use of three proofing glue for circuit board?

          2021-07-17 292

            Three proofing glue, also known as circuit board protection glue or coating glue, is widely used in circuit board protection because it can be coated on the surface of the circuit board to form a protective film, which can prevent moisture, high temperature and humidity, and protect the circuit from damage. However, many people are still very unfamiliar with the three proofing glue, and they don't know what its function is. Last week, some netizens sent me a private letter, asking me to introduce the three proofing glue of circuit board. Now I'll give you a brief overview with a special article.

            The first is the function of the three proofing adhesive. The official explanation is that the three proofing adhesive is mainly used to protect the circuit board and its related equipment from the corrosion of bad environment, and then improve and extend the service life of the product to ensure the reliability of the application. In our early years, we did a group of comparative experiments and prepared two sets of circuit boards, one of which was coated with kosmore circuit board protective adhesive. Friends who know kosmore brand know that kosmore is a provider of customized solutions for the development of professional adhesives, adhesives and other new materials, such as instruments, power supply, high-speed rail, communication, etc., with guaranteed product quality.


            The other set of circuit boards didn't use the three proofing glue. We put the two groups of circuit boards in the same environment, and they all bear the environment of light, sunlight, rain, salt spray and humidity. The effect is very significant, the use of three proofing glue circuit board is not harmed, and did not use three proofing glue circuit board has begun to have mold growth, wet environment will often let not coated with three proofing glue circuit board short circuit. It can be seen that the three proofing glue is very important for the protection of the line.

            Next, let's talk about the three proofing glue of circuit board. In fact, the three proofing glue of circuit board is another name of the three proofing glue. Its function is basically the same as that of the three proofing glue. It can isolate the circuit board well and protect the circuit from the corrosion and damage of harsh environment. Then, it can further improve the reliability of the circuit board, add its coefficient, and ensure its service life.

            It can be seen that the three proofing glue can be used only when there is a local line. Understand the role of the three proofing glue, for people in the professional world, to know each other and friends, the more you understand, the more skilled you are; For non professional people, to know more about one knowledge point, you can also know how to make long-term plans for your home when you do line decoration in the future.

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