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          The principle of PCB manufacture by PCB manufacturer

          2021-07-17 285

            Circuit board plays a very important role in the whole electronic products, so what is it? In short, it is for the demand of high density and compressed space. Many conductive lines are combined and pressed on one board, and then various components are assembled and welded to this board. It can be seen that it integrates all electronic components. When electronic products show functional defects, the circuit board is suspected first. So how is the circuit board made? Now let's talk about it in detail.

            1. Prepare copper clad laminate. Epoxy resin laminate is one of the more widely used laminates. Drill holes on the copper clad laminate and manufacture according to the orientation of PCB specification drawing.

            2. For electroplating, that is to use chemical copper to conduct the hole, so that the two sides of the circuit can be connected into a whole.

            3. Make the circuit on the copper plate. This process is also called figure handling, which is to remove the surplus copper according to the planned route, and then make copper wires on the copper surface.


            4. Next is to do anti welding, that is, resistance welding, it has the role of maintaining the plate and circuit.

            5. About characters, that is, words, it is the identification of circuit board assembly components. When you open your desktop computer, you can see such a board with words, that is, the circuit board we need, also known as PCB.

            6. After the circuit board is made, it is necessary to define the scale. Now we go into the cutting process, also known as molding. It is cut into small pieces, and then its electrical function is tested to see if it can be turned on and if it is useful after power on.

            After the completion of the above process, the circuit board is basically completed. When the circuit board passes the inspection, it is necessary to check its appearance to see if there are any defects, and then pack and load.

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