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          How to distinguish the number of layers of single and double sided circuit boards?

          2021-07-17 284

            According to the number of layers, single and double-sided circuit boards can be divided into single panel, double-sided circuit board and multi-layer circuit board.

            The first is the single panel. On the basic PCB, the parts are gathered on one side, and the wires are gathered on the other side. Because the wires only appear on one side, this kind of PCB is called single-sided circuit board. Single panel is usually simple to manufacture, low cost, but the defect is that it can not be applied to too messy products.

            Double panel is the extension of single panel, when single layer wiring can not meet the needs of electronic products, it is necessary to use double-sided board. Both sides are copper-clad and wired, and the lines between the two layers can be conducted through the vias to form the required network connection.

            Multilayer board is a printed circuit board with more than three conductive pattern layers and insulating materials between them, and the conductive patterns between them are interconnected according to the requirements. Multi information technology to high speed, large capacity, small volume, thin, lightweight products.


            How is the difference between multilayer circuit board and single layer circuit board

            1. When you take it up and shine it on the light, the inner core is opaque, that is, it's all black. It's a multi-layer board. On the contrary, it's a single and double-sided board. A single panel only needs one layer of wiring, and there's no copper in the hole. In the double-sided board, there are lines on both sides, and copper in the guide hole.

            2. The difference is the number of layers

            Single layer circuit board only needs one layer of circuit (copper layer), all the holes are nonmetal holes, no electroplating process

            Double layer circuit board has two layers of circuit (copper layer), metallized hole and non metallized hole, electroplating process

            3. Circuit board is divided into single-sided circuit board, double-sided circuit board and multi-layer circuit board. Multi layer circuit board refers to the circuit board with three or more layers. In the manufacturing process of multilayer circuit board, the manufacturing process of inner lamination will be added on the basis of single and double-sided board, which can also be analyzed by using chip wandering.

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