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          How to distinguish the quality of PCB process?

          2021-07-17 311

            The process of PCB production is backward, but as PCB people, there is nothing strange. This is what we do every day. Now we want to talk about friends and customers who are in other occupations or products. They often ask you how expensive your PCB is. Although they don't know why they say that, generally speaking, it's because they don't know much about the process of PCB and only look at the price, The differences between good and bad circuit boards are as follows:

            Excellent PCB board requirements meet the following requirements

            1. It is required that the components and equipment should be easy to use, that is, the electrical connection should meet the requirements;

            2. The line width, line thickness and line distance meet the requirements to prevent heating, open circuit and short circuit;

            3. The copper sheet is not easy to fall under high temperature;

            4. The copper surface is not easy to oxidize, which affects the speed of the equipment. It will be damaged soon after oxidation;


            5. No rated electromagnetic radiation;

            6. There is no deformation in the appearance to prevent the deformation of the rear shell of the equipment and the dislocation of the screw hole. Now it's all mechanized equipment, and the hole position of circuit board and the deformation error of line and planning should be within the allowed scale;

            7. High temperature, high humidity and special environment should also be considered;

            8. The mechanical properties of the surface should meet the requirements of the equipment;

            The above is the way to judge whether PCB is good or bad. When choosing PCB, you must polish your eyes.

            9. Circuit board technology has; Exposure process circuit board, screen printing process circuit board,

            10. On the surface, there are some cracks; OSP is engaged in oxidation, rosin, tin spraying and gold precipitation.

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